Physical Tributes

In-person tributes to the victims of COVID-19

In the coming months, we are planning a series of art showcases, memorials, and tributes to remember those that have died as part of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Day of the Dead Altars & Ceremonies

We will be creating day of the dead altars to honor the memory of the victims of the coronavirus in affected communities in public spaces around our region. You can view these altars in person (in small, household only groups, while wearing proper protection), or view the altars online in our gallery.

Additionally, we invite members of the public to create their own day of the dead altars for the coronavictims in their yards or patios. Please take a photo of you altar, and we will display it in our gallery of day-of-the-dead coronavictims altars on this website. Email your photos to

Instructions on how to construct an altar can be found here.

Community Altars

The altars will remain up until November 4th.  While visiting the altars, please maintain a distance of six feet from others and wear a mask at all times.   Please restrict your viewing group to four or less members of the same household at any one time.  Please do not touch or take any items from the altars. 

If someone you know has  lost a family member to the coronavirus pandemic, they are welcome to submit items at any of the altars, by placing copies of photos, flowers or personal notes of remembrance.  (Please do not leave anything of value, the altars will not be staffed). 

Sherman Heights

Our altar to the coronavirus victims in San Diego City will be in front of the Sherman Heights Community Center as part of their Day of Dead art exhibition and celebration. The altar will be available for viewing from October 26th through October 30th. The Sherman Heights Community Center is located at 2258 Island Avenue, San Diego, CA 92102.

Friendship Park, Tijuana

Our altar to the immigrant victims of the coronavirus will be displayed at Friendship Park, on the Tijuana side, from October 26th through November 2nd. We will also be participating on a virtual Day-of-The-Dead ceremony with Border Church on November 1st, where the immigrant coronavirus victims will be recognized as part of the ceremony.

Photos are shown below.

Euclid Health Center

Our altar in Southeast San Diego is at the Euclid Health Center at 286 Euclid Ave, San Diego, CA 92114. It is located in the hallway in the front building, in front of the entrance to the bridge.

National City

Our altar to honor the National City and Paradise Hills victims of the coronavirus is located Red Bird Market at 2035 Highland Ave, National City, CA 91950.

Chula Vista

The community coronavirus memorial altar in Chula Vista is at the Chula Vista Civic Center on Fourth Ave between F and Davidson on the walkway at the southeast corner of Building C. Photos are shown below.

We need volunteers to help with the construction of these altars! If you would like to help us build one of these altars, or if you would like to offer a public space in your community for the construction of another altar, please let us know by emailing us at

Other Community Tributes

In addition to the coronavirus altars that our organization is creating, there are other community altars and events also being planned by other groups for day of the dead, focusing on honoring those that died of the coronavirus.

SandCastle Altar in Imperial Beach

Candle Altar at the County Administration Building

Immigrant Altar at Holtville Cemetery

Memorial Vigil: Federal Immigration Deaths