Antonio Arellano

Described as an outgoing, friendly and giving man, Antonio Arellano, 80, was beloved by many. He was affectionately known as “Papa Tony.”

“He just loved life, loved to wear his cowboy hat,” said his son Marco Arellano, known as “Rabbit.”

“He was the type of person, he would go to your house and he didn’t know how to ring the doorbell once,” said Marco with a smile. “He would ring it about 20, 30, times it was like ding ding ding ding and then would say, I’m home, I’m here! And we’d say, dad why? And he said that’s just me!'”

Antonio Arellano immigrated to San Diego from Michoacán, Mexico after serving in the Mexican army.

“He had a very very beautiful life,” said Marco Arellano, one of Tony’s three children.

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