Cassie Martinez

 Ricardo Ferreya is mourning the loss of his bright and caring girlfriend.

“She was just amazing. She always put the people she loved, she always put them first,” Ferreya said.

The couple loved to travel, Cassie Martinez enjoyed visiting the National parks. They wanted to start a family together.

“We would always talk about having a little girl,” said Ferreya. “We would talk about the name and it was just so many plans.”

The family wants everyone to take the virus seriously.

“You know this virus it’s as realistic as it gets. I know no matter how much you think that your immune to it [you are] vulnerable,” said Ferreya. “Take Cassie as an example [of someone who had] no underlying [health] conditions. She was taking precautions and in a week she was gone.”

Cassie Martinez’s mom Elvira Martinez continues to be hospitalized on a ventilator. Her son said she is improving and they are anxiously awaiting for her to recover.

“She was my best friend. I could go to her every time that I had problems and she would understand,” said Martinez.

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