Francisco Manuel Mayor

Francisco Manuel Mayor was a devoted husband, father, son, brother, grandfather and friend to many.  On September 9, 2020 he passed away from this life to eternal life.  His love for his family and friends was immeasurable.  His loving kindness went beyond words.  He displayed his kindness to all through his daily actions. 

Down to his last days he was helping his daughter Annie remodel the house, fix her car, took care of his wife.  He was the main caregiver for his wife Hortencia who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

He will ever be forgotten, his memory and legacy will continue in our everyday lives.  He is survived by his mother Rafaela Mayor, his two brothers Luis Mayor and Abraham Mayor, his wife Hortencia Mayor, his two daughters Anagabriela Mayor and Abrianna Jeanine Mayor and his son Francisco Manuel Mayor Jr. along with his wife Stephanie Mayor and their children Haylee, Zoe, and Noah Mayor.

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