Joseph Bondoc

Joseph D Bondoc born June 30, 1965 passed away from this life on May 21, 2020 leaving behind his beloved wife Witchel Bondoc and his 3 kids Daniella (11), Brad (9) and Joseph (8). 

On February 24th USNS Leroy Grumman entered Boston Ship Repair for an 88 day repair period.  Joe Bondoc went on leave February 21st to spend time with his family in San Diego accordingly.  Unfortunately, Joe was ordered to return prematurely to Leroy Grumman from his home in San Diego as a knee jerk reaction by US Navy due to some COVID19 positive results within the Navy.

Joe, being the consummate professional, did as he was told and returned to work within 72 hours after the orders were issued.  Upon his return to Leroy Grumman, Joe was as confused as everyone else was as to why he was ordered to leave a low risk area in San Diego CA to return to a COVID 19 Hot Bed in Boston Mass. 

Three and a half weeks later Joe started to show signs of extreme fatigue, consequently Joe was sent back to the contract Hotel; this would be the last time Leroy Grumman and crew would see Joe Bondoc.  Joe was directed to attempt to get testing at a nearby clinic the following day. 

Unfortunately, the clinic Joe was directed to visit refused to test him.  It was at this time that Joe realized he had been abandoned by The Command. Joe spent the day searching for a testing facility, and eventually found a facility in Brockton Mass, and as expected his results were positive.  Joe was ordered back to work early from leave,  left the confines of his house in San Diego, got sick in Boston Ship Repair, and withered away, alone, in Carney Hospital where he died after spending 22 days in ICU. As tragic as this loss is for Leroy Grumman and crew it is exponentially worse for Joe’s wife and kids.  Joe was a great shipmate but he was an even greater Husband and father.

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